We are happy to communicate with you and with the new Personal Data Protection (GDPR), you as a user can always find out what your information is being used for. It is therefore a law that benefits you.

We always handle our customer's information with great respect and we will not stop now. We have therefore updated our handling of all your information so we can continue to look after you as a customer and deliver you a crisp service.

The little data we handle for you is: Name, Phone, Address & Email.

These will be specifically used when dispatching goods & emails with receipts as well as newsletters if desired. In addition, this allows us to refer back to earlier trade by resumed contact.

You have the right to be informed / corrected / deleted what information a data authority or company has registered about you in a computer or in a register.

If you believe you have found incorrect information about you, contact the data authority or company. Inquiries regarding this can be done at: gdpr@hwl.dk.

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